How our Permanent Division can help you to find a fantastic Permanent Job in Nottingham.

For over two decades Elizabeth Michael have been consistently and successfully finding great new jobs for great job seekers and helping to fill job vacancies for a wide range of Nottinghamshire employers, from small ventures to the very largest blue chip corporate companies. Putting it simply, we live and breathe jobs in Nottingham.

Elizabeth Michael specialise in all permanent office support roles from PA, Secretarial, Telephonist/ Receptionist, Customer Service Operatives, Administration/Clerical, Finance and Multi – lingual positions to name just a few categories.

Please browse our permanent vacancies, or better still, why not call Selena Allwood on 0115 9799806 or email for further details.

How our Temporary Division can help you to find a great Temporary Assignment in Nottingham.

Elizabeth Michael have been successfully working with Nottingham employers for over two decades - so we reckon that we know a thing or two about identifying fantastic new available temporary assignments and then filling them with outstanding temporary workers very quickly!  
Nottingham businesses trust us to find them excellent temporary workers for both short term and long term assignments, and our loyal temporary workers rely upon Elizabeth Michael to provide them with regular, well paid work in a wide variety of local companies and industries
Elizabeth Michael specialise in all office support roles from PA, Secretarial, Telephonist/ Receptionist, Customer Service Operatives, Administration/Clerical, Finance and Multi – lingual positions to name just a few categories. Temporary work is a constantly changing environment and we are continually receiving new assignments on a daily basis from our clients. Browse our temporary assignments, or better still, email for further details.


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Elizabeth Michael Associates – Engaging People since 1991.

Recruitment and office and secretarial support Jobs in Nottingham, Training and HR Advisory Solutions and consultancy services specialists.
You know, it is no coincidence that Elizabeth Michael have been successfully serving Nottingham office support Permanent and Temporary job seekers and employers for nearly two decades – we have really put an immense amount of care, effort and passion into doing the very thing that we love, finding great jobs for Nottingham people, and great people for Nottingham jobs!
If you are a job seeker, or you are a Nottinghamshire employer, may we modestly suggest that you have arrived at the right destination – we think that you will be more than pleased that you visited our site if your desire is to work with professional recruitment consultants who truly care about providing honest, diligent and supportive careers and recruitment guidance.
Permanent job seekers and temporary workers – Elizabeth Michael wants you!
And at Elizabeth Michael we believe that our core skill of identifying and placing outstanding Permanent job seekers and Temporary workers is just the beginning of our long term relationship with you as we also provide Training services and HR Advisory Solutions led by vastly experienced professionals.
We never take customer loyalty for granted
As an independent and long established Nottingham city based Recruitment Consultancy we have engendered loyalty and in many instances friendship with many of the leading employers in the area together with helping a very large number of job seekers build robust and enviable careers – from a first job to senior management level.
In fact, we work very hard at developing sustainable relationships with our customers.

With your loyalty and trust we continue to provide the high level of recruitment service that we are so well known for in Nottinghamshire – and that is not a cliché – it is the absolute truth according to Elizabeth Michael!

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How we could become your 'Business Champion' »


Elizabeth Michael and Social Media
Social Media has become an integral part of the daily life of millions of people around the globe. It is used to impart and share news, information and knowledge. It has the ability to reach individuals in a way and a time span that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. It has been reported that one out of every five minutes spent online is spent on Social Media sites, a phenomenal statistic, and it has been further reported that 50% of British people have used Social Media as part of their search for a new job, which is where we come in.

Clearly life is changing and the methodology employed by people when searching for alternative employ is in a state of major transition.
In order that we are able to harness the cream of the crop, and attract those individuals who will make a difference to our clients' businesses, we have decided to join the said revolution.
You will find us on Facebook, now the most visited site in the world, Twitter, LinkedIn and our very own blog. Please feel free to visit us on any or all of these platforms, like us, follow us and join us – but not necessarily in that order!! We will be endeavouring to provide our followers with a varied selection of articles and news stories that appertains to our industry and are pertinent to your business lives. We will attempt to make them both business specific and on occasions more light hearted and humorous, whilst constantly seeking to engage with you, our followers, and hopefully creating interesting and meaningful discussions, that will benefit us all in our day to day lives. We will provide you with regular blogs which will come from both ourselves and guest writers and will, we hope, cover a diverse range of business topics.


Happy to Help

Elizabeth Michael Associates is really nothing more than a collection of like-minded individuals working together to achieve a common goal - to consolidate our position as Nottingham's leading independent Recruitment Consultancy.

We want to bring "The Elizabeth Michael Way" into the heart of what we provide your business with - and are committed to providing 'Business Champions' - not just account contacts.     Read more here »

Our HR Advisory Solution, created to support you, our valued clients.

This division was born out of the many client conversations that we have had over the years' that Elizabeth Michael has been supporting Nottingham employers.

Naturally our clients constantly desire to get the most out of their people whilst tackling the raft of legislation that continually arrives unannounced without interruption; legislation that we are not absolutely sure we understand, but that we know we would be foolish to ignore.

So what do you do? Who do you listen to? Who can you find, who will explain everything in layman terms and relate it to your business?

Well, we feel at Elizabeth Michael that we may have the answer at hand.

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An introduction to our HR Division »

Agency Workers Regulations

These came into force on 01/10/2011 and have had an impact on every organisation that uses temporary agency workers. "We are still in tough times for business and there is evidence to suggest that many employers really haven't had the time to focus on how these regulations will affect them,"  John Hyde, MD of Elizabeth Michael observes," I'm very keen to support our clients with getting to grips with the regulations so have asked our HR Consultant, Steve Richardson, to produce a series of consultation papers that will highlight obligations. Elizabeth Michael's business champions are reviewing our policies, procedures and communication strategies to ensure we have the governance in place to help clients navigate through the requirements."

Clients should advise their normal EM contact if they wish to join the mailing list for our consultations.
Click the link to visit the B.I.S. website to view their guidelines:

Corporate Social Responsibility is Crucial to Us

Ethical responsibility and integrity are deeply embedded in The Elizabeth Michael Way. We support and challenge our people to be the best they can, in a fair workplace, with responsible management and a collaborative, nurturing culture. We build trust by getting to know the people we do business with and by doing what we say we will do, to an exceptional standard, with no hidden agendas.

We have an investment in our community beyond our immediate business networks. We believe in social and economic inclusion and partner with like-minded people to help make our community a better place to live and work in. Engaging with our wider community and having an eye on reducing our environmental impacts make undoubted business sense, both financially and to our reputation. Great people who share our values want to work with us, and our people are committed not only to delivering superior service the Elizabeth Michael Way, but also to growing our involvement in the community.

Please take a few minutes to view our CSR policy and some of the work we have done.

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